Queenie's Sand Castle Family Home Daycare Now Accepting Applications

I am accepting 18 month - 5 year olds (before entering kindergarten). I am registered with the state of Texas. Please contact me at 214-563-7296 or for details.

Here's what you and your child can expect:

Upon entering my front door they will find a place to hang their coats and their own cubby to store their personal items.

This is where parents or other caregivers will sign their child in.

Then the fun begins! Unlike most family home daycares with play areas in converted garages, Queenie's Sand Castle is located in the front living area in my home. I decorated it with a friendly tropical theme. I want my little "school" of fishes to flourish in a bright and colorful educational environment.

There are several different play areas. Including a puzzle, large and small manipulatives, dress up, arts and crafts, kitchen and reading zones all designed to encourage imaginative play.

I have several learning stations where the children can work on projects, puzzles and other activities. These are all low to ground and perfect for little ones.

This is the reading area with pillows so the children can comfortably enjoy their favorite books. I have collected a full library of age appropriate books over the years and will rotate out the selections on a regular basis.

Weather permitting we will also have plenty of outside play time. I have a very large fenced in backyard (close to 2,000 sq ft) with tons room for running around and outside games.

All meals - breakfast, morning snacks, lunch and afternoon snacks are included in the weekly
rate. I only serve nutritious meals and drinks.

I was an educator with the Head Start program preparing 3 and 4 year olds for kindergarten for 14 years. Over that time I collected many lesson plans, activities, books, puzzles, musical instruments, toys ... you name it! This is all organized in my garage and I will frequently trade out the items in the daycare from this material.

I am an educator (and planner :)) at heart. Your child will not only have a lot of fun in my daycare but also receive an education. Over the years I have developed and will continue to develop lesson plans that will help prepare your child to thrive in school both mentally and socially.

And when the day is done, this is where I will be. Getting ready for the next exciting day with my little "fishes"!


  1. I am so jealous that I do not live close to Ennis. My girls are as smart as they are today because of Queenie! She never watches them with out a lesson plan and some kind of educational activity on the agenda. She was made to teach kids ... and she's so great at it.

  2. Everybody needs to advocate for Queenie...Of course.

  3. This looks AWESOME! The pictures of everything look so nice. There are lots of in home daycare centers out there but not many that actually teach and focus on education with the children. I am already referring people to Queenie! I am telling you, if I go back to work, Owen will be enrolling!

  4. I had the pleasure of working with "Queenie" in the Head Start program for 14 years, and I can unequivocally say that there is no better educator of young children in existence! Her enthusiasm and caring were only matched by her organization and planning. Any child lucky enough to be in her care is a very fortunate child indeed.

  5. hi, i can say from experience. My two daughters, one at 3 months and one at 4 years of age attend this in home daycare. Queenie is the best care giver i have ever meet. She is very well detailed in handleing my children. She gives the baby so much attention from tummy time to cuddle and love time. My daughter kylee who is 4, has leraned so much. She can now understand emotions, count, her colors and her behavior at home has improved as well and so much more. Queenie cooks a varitey of foods that are very heathly. I am very blessed to have her care for my children. She shows so much compassion and love to my babies. God blessed us. We are glad to have her in our lives.

  6. My son goes here and he LOVES it! He loves playing with Kylee and always gets in the car and tells me what he has learned for the day. I love how she has a schedule on what they do, what they learn for the week, and how she cares so much for the children! Kylan loves his Queenie :-)